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"I retired this year and was really looking forward to spending more time golfing and travelling.  What I didn't anticipate was that I would be spending more time at church and volunteering.  It's been real fulfilling doing projects like Habitat, so I am looking forward to doing more this next year."

                                                                                     John, 64

John's LifePlan

In the next year, I want to share Jesus more with others by:
  • Learning how to give my personal testimony
  • Sharing my faith with my son, Anthony
  • Serving on the Inner City Habitat for Humanity build 
In the next year, I want to serve God more by:
  • Going on the Costa Rica Mission Trip in May
  • Working with the Ground Crew Volunteer Team at church
In the next year, I want to grow more spiritually with my wife by:
  • Going to the Billy Graham Retreat Center in North Carolina for a weeklong getaway and spiritual training
  • Reading 3 new books together