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"The last couple of years have been tough... I moved to a new city and it took a while to find a new church that feels like home.

It's been really helpful to go through the LifeQuest process with a LifeCoach at my new church.  She was incredibly helpful in giving me some ideas on how to get involved, as well as helped introduce me to some new people."

                                                                                           Cecille, 35

Cecille's LifePlan

In the next year, I want to make Christian friends at my new church by:
  • Attending the Church Membership class
  • Joining a mid-week Women's Bible Study
  • Attending the Single's Super Bowl Party
In the next year, I want to learn and apply what the Bible teaches about money:
  • Begin giving at least 5% of my monthly paycheck to the church
  • Taking the Crown Ministry Financial Management class
  • Paying off my credit card debts
In the next year, I want to use my spiritual gifts to please God by:
  • Singing in the Sunday praise team