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"I've been a Christian my whole life and have attended church for almost sixty years.  It was really good for me to take a "time-out" by taking the Spiritual Walk and Spiritual Pathways LifeSurveys.  It revealed areas of my life that I had never really thought about before -- it also helped make sense about some things I never really understood about myself.
I put my LifePlan together with a good friend of mine.  It was helpful to share ideas with each other and I like that I have someone that can ask me how I am doing and if I need help."
                                                                                                  Karen, 57

Karen's LifePlan

In the next year, I want to grow in my understanding of the Bible by:
  • Attending a Bible Elective class offered at my church on Wednesday night, specifically one that is a book of the Bible
  • Memorizing 1 scripture a month with my friend, Joni
In the next year, I want to improve my relationships with my son and daughter and their families by:
  • Having a Christmas sleepover at our house with everyone, and going to candlelight service like we used to when they were kids
  • Taking the grandkids camping one weekend with Jerry and the RV
  • Making sure I send everyone birthday and anniversary cards
In the next year, I want to spend time with God outside of church and enjoy His creation by:
  • Going on a neighborhood prayer walk once a week
  • Taking a pottery class at Herron School of Art